Channing Tatum And Zoe Kravitz Have Been Dating For A Year As Of The Summer

The 33-year-old Kravitz and the 42-year-old Tatum were seen strolling through New York City holding hands and dressed in eerily similar ensembles. Both Kravitz, in a black tank top, and Tatum, in a button-down shirt fashioned over a white undershirt, donned brown pants that were very much in keeping with the season.

Tatum and Kravitz were seen strolling together, the former donning sunglasses and the latter a black baseball cap, with Tatum’s left hand seemingly holding a dark orange hat. An insider told PEOPLE in August that the pair had been dating for a year this summer and that they were “really happy together.”

The two of them are overjoyed. According to PEOPLE’s source, the couple’s occupations are a major point of interest and a source of mutual interest. They are low-key while they’re not working. Occasionally they’ll go out on a quiet date, but otherwise, they like to spend their time at home.

With Zo, Channing means business. This, the source emphasized, is not a casual acquaintanceship. It’s been a long time since they’ve let anyone else in.

After meeting early last year when Kravitz cast Tatum in her debut film as a director, Pussy Island, the couple and Tatum’s 9-year-old daughter Everly were spotted on vacation together in Positano, Italy, this past summer. Tatum and Kravitz are attempting to keep their romance under wraps despite being caught on camera sharing a passionate kiss on a yacht over the weekend.

According to a separate source, the couple was in Europe without the expectation that the world would see them. It’s clear that they’ve found a great match in each other, as their romance is quite passionate and fulfilling. It’s a significant deal, but unless something drastic happens, I don’t think they’ll make it public knowledge.

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