Andor Has An Uncommonly Large Cast Of Characters Says Showrunner

Andor has an uncommonly large cast of characters says showrunner Tony Gilroy in a recent interview with NME. One of the details I’ve praised so far in Andor is the quality of the tertiary cast. There are characters, like Mazraa pictured above that we may never see again (theoretically) within the first few episodes of Andor. I could be wrong and Maz shows up every week, but I think not.

Talking with NME recently, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy said he always starts with too many characters and ends up whittling it down. However, not with Andor. Gilroy goes on to number the speaking parts in Andor‘s 12-episode run and there remains an uncommonly large cast.

“You get a chance to go down the back alleys and the side streets,” he says. “I always start with too many characters and wind up whittling them down. This time I don’t have to. We have 25-30 characters that [are central to the plot] and we have 190 speaking parts in the show.”

I have to say this quote reinforces my belief that we might not see many of the current cast again anytime soon. Save of course the roles played by star Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgard who we will clearly follow into the next three episode arc at least.

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So far I have been very impressed with Andor. The show so far feel like Star Wars made for people who were kids during the Original Trilogy, and are now grown ass adults or maybe even grandparents. However what remains to be seen is whether the Star Wars fanbase as a whole feels the same way. These days it’s extremely rare for the whole fanbase to be united on anything. That’s why The Rise of Skywalker was so impressive, it united the fanbase because no one liked it. Therefore, while Andor is ticking all my boxes right now, is it going to get my teenage soon to tune in every week like he did for Obi-Wan Kenobi? I guess we’ll find out as the weeks go by.

Andor has an uncommonly large cast of characters says showrunner Tony Gilroy. Is this a positive for you like it is for me, or a negative? As always, share your thoughts below.

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