Focus on Families Injured After Club Q Shooting: ‘Blood on Your Hands’

Focus on the Colorado Springs, Colorado, headquarters of the family was hurt on Thanksgiving with news of the group criticizing the recent mass shooting that killed five people and wounded 18 others.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is accused of opening fire Saturday at Club Q, a popular LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs. It was a suspicion grasping the club patron Richard Fierro and Thomas James as well as trans-named women, later arrested by the police.

Days after the mass shooting, someone left a message with spray paint on the Family Sign. The non-profit organization has an evangelical focus.

Although it is unclear if the suspect had any connection to the organization, it is a conservative Christian ministry group known for anti-LGBTQ messaging. Aldrich, who, according to his attorneys, identifies as non-binary; He comes from a conservative Republican family.

Vigilance Club Q Victims
The names of Q Club shooting victims are displayed as mourners hold a candlelight vigil outside the State Capitol building on November 23, 2022, in Denver, Colorado. Focus on the Family, an evangelical organization in Colorado Springs, was recently injured in response to a mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub.
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In an article by BlindedThe police confirmed the news that the spray painted in black paint on the Fire in the Family sign at the headquarters of the ministry in Colorado Springs.

“Their blood has been taken at your hands for five lives,” the letter read.

Police said there was no information on who damaged the sign, according to the report What do you eat? A little later the message was discovered by Blinded the price found the sign covered in a plastic sheet.

Focus on the Family has previously advocated anti-LGBTQ messaging. Campaign for Rightsorganization fighting for LGBTQ rights, an article on Focus on the Family called the group one of the most prominent anti-LGBTQ organizations in the US.

The Rights Campaign alleges that Focus on the Family is using $515 million it raised over five years to invest in public campaigns against LGBTQ equality. He also accuses an evangelical group of practicing “conversion therapy” and claims that it promotes homosexuality in anti-bullying campaigns in schools.

In Focus on the family question-and-answer websitein response to the theme of “struggling with same-sex attractions”, the ministry said the word “gay” is an “artificial construction”.

“[Gay is] A word that means what others say, nothing more, nothing less, the website said. “We urge you not to allow yourself to be included in that category.

“Do you consider yourself a Christian? If you do, you will want to examine your faith with great care and prioritize it over all other considerations,” the group continues on the page.

When the spray-painted message is shared in TwitterSeveral users supported the vandalism.

“I mean, a hell of a lot more than 5 deaths per family fire,” one user said tweeted.

“Not bad enough,” said another tweeted of Vandalism. “It needs fire.”

“Today we must give thanks, we do not return blood for blood,” another tweeted.

Newsweek arrived at Colorado Police Department and Focus in the Family for comment.

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