Poor Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving

Donald Trump will wake up on Thanksgiving morning facing a number of potentially troublesome situations even for a former president.

In a month where Trump has already dealt a huge loss in his popularity after being widely criticized for the GOP’s midterm performance, the Republican can’t even count on that over the holidays due to a combination of lawsuits, lawsuits and election results recently going against him.

For starters, Trump will be in a new fight against E. Jean Carroll, from the previous November 24th Elle The columnist, who kidnapped the former president in the mid-1990s, accuses.

Carroll, who has already sued Trump for defamation in statements he has denied allegations that he raped her in a fitting room at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, confirmed that she will file a new lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan with a new law that will take effect on Thursday.

trumpet in thanksgiving
US President Donald Trump speaks at a regional rally at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport on November 5, 2022 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
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New York’s Adult Survivors Act which was passed in May, allows adult sex victims to file lawsuits within one year, even if the statute of limitations has passed.

Carroll filed the combat suit against Trump along with a new defamation lawsuit in relation to the former president’s additional allegation that he denied being kidnapped in October.

Carroll’s original case focused on how Trump claimed that Carroll was “not my type” in 2019 interview, while also making a series of other potentially damaging statements.

The new defamation suit will respond to Trump’s repeated “not my kind” comments about Carroll in an October 12 issue of Social Truth.

Elsewhere, he also looks at the trumpet having taxes and returns after Supreme Court He paved the way for his financial records to be handed over to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

In a ruling on Tuesday, the SCOTUS justices blocked the former president’s efforts to block a lower judge’s decision to grant the Ways and Means Committee access to Trump’s Internal Revenue Service records.

The House committee sought Trump’s tax returns from 2015 to 2020 as part of an investigation into compliance with the IRS audit over the past three years.

While the Council cannot automatically sift through the records themselves, as noted University of California law professor and former US Attorney Harry Litman on Twitter: “These things have a way of seeing the light.”

Trump himself denounced the House Committee’s attempt to get access to his tax returns as an attempt to make them public, a sentiment shared by attorney and commentator Greta Van Susteren.

“Do you believe the Ways and Means Committee is doing this because you want to make sure the IRS does its own audits? Or do you think this is to leak Trump’s return?” Van Susteren responded to a Twitter user who accused the House Committee of running a “ridiculous fishing campaign” against Trump.

Finally, he saw Trump two midterm candidates secured themselves They are losing their nation in Alaska, a state the former president won by 10 points in 2020.

On the eve of Thanksgiving. Sarah PalinThe former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate lost the race for Alaska’s only seat in the House of Representatives to Democrat Mary Peltola.

That same night, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski won re-election after defeating Trump-sibibaka and Pat Chesbro, a Democrat, in the mid-term election.

Trump’s victory would be especially difficult for Murkowski, since he was one of the seven the senate Republicans who decided to convict Trump in the second impeachment trial on allegations that he incited the attack on the Capitol before the 6th of February.

Palin’s loss, Peltola’s second in three months after a special election in August, adds even more pressure to Trump, as many inside the GOP blame him for failing to ride the party’s “red wave” in the midterms. Several of his election witches have also lost their careers by denying candidates.

mocking the first conquest of Alaska; political commentator Brian Tyler Cohen tweeted: “Maria Peltola defeated Sarah Palin and is the first Democrat to represent Alaska in the House in 50 years. In case you were wondering how the ‘red wave’ went.”

Trumpet’s comment is to be contacted.

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