“Customers began seeking out ways to protect their Covid-19 vaccine record cards, knowing they will likely be important to have on hand in the future,” Craig Grayson, vice president of print and marketing services for Staples, said in an email. “Leveraging our existing capabilities in store felt like a natural […]

I am not close with her and was stunned when, in a rare conversation, she divulged what she’d done. Our parents have been diligent about masking, distancing and getting vaccinated. When they believed she’d been vaccinated, they allowed her back into their home, unmasked. They are now making summer vacation […]

With all American adults now eligible for covid-19 Reopening vaccines and businesses and international borders, a fierce debate has kicked off across the United States over whether a digital health certificate (often and somewhat misleadingly called a “vaccine passport”) should be required to prove immunization status. Currently, Americans are issued […]