Cosplay Highlights from Comiket 101!


Cosplayers: had the final of the entire world cosplay occasion for 2022. It was none apart from Comedian Market 101! It might have been a quieter occasion in comparison with earlier years, however there have been loads of incredible occasions. cosplayers: to these current. Whereas we have been solely there for a day, listed below are some highlights:

Princess Daisy (left) and Princess Peach (proper). mario privilege. Cosplayers:: Bracelet sua and: NANA

From Denji Hybrid Kind Chainsaw Man. Cosplayer:: Kyuke’s Tanto

From Denji Hybrid Kind Chainsaw Man. Cosplayer:: Kurozaki

Maria (left), Vamo (middle) and Ronaldo (proper). The Vampire Dies In No Time. Cosplayers:: Momo no Ki Saki, Daisukeand: Rukyo

Basara Nekki (left) and Mylene Fleur Genius (proper). Macross 7:. Cosplayers:: TOMOYAN and: Tetsuo Itsuki

Elan Seres (left), Suleta Mercuri (middle left), Guel Jeturk (middle proper), Lauda Neel (proper) Cellular Go well with Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. Cosplayers:: Amagas Tour, Kosuke, Thomasand: Rainey

XVX-016 Gundam From the air Cellular Go well with Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. Cosplayer:: Kurobushi

Keisuke Baji (left) and Chifuyu Matsuno (proper). Tokyo Revengers. Cosplayers:: Ryuya and: Hajime

From Chifuyu Matsuno Tokyo Revengers. Cosplayer:: Goma dore

From Maetel Galaxy Specific 999. Cosplayer:: What?

Yor Forger (above) and Anya (under). LRES x FAMILY. Cosplayers:: Soramimi and: Sora of Vol (is a minor)

Tashigi (left), Black Cage Hina (middle) and Kobe A bit. Cosplayers:: boss, Harutaand: Minoru

Hold on to Zoë! Assault on Titans. Cosplayer:: Lego

Ram (left) and Rem (proper) onwards Re:ZERO -Beginning life in one other world-. Cosplayers:: Mimi’s and: Ritsuito

From Totoro My neighbor Totoro. Cosplayer:: Aono 26gō

From Chisato Nishigi Lycoris Recoil:. Cosplayer:: Ito

From an unspecified Aria firm worker Aria animation. Cosplayer:: Tessa

From Saber Alter Future sequence. Cosplayer:: Izu

Zhuge Kongming (left) and Eiko Tsukimi (proper). Sure, Boy Kongming. Cosplayers:Nameless and Abekawa wa Parudea e Tabidachimashita

From Barnaby Brooks Jr Tiger and Hare. Cosplayer:: Hiroki

Hyakunosuke Ogata (left) and Genjiru Tanigaki (proper). Golden Kamui. Cosplayers:: Gino and: Sousuke

From Sailor Moon Sailor Moon. Cosplayer:: Mamora

From Sakura Kinomoto Card Captor Sakura. Cosplayer:: Arsenic Punk

Hunter in Kirin Armor from: Monster hunter. Cosplayer:: Silver snow

From Jiraiya Naruto:. Cosplayer:: Half

From Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Cosplayer:: TRY.Okay:

Kiyojuro Rengoku (left) and Mitsuri Kanroji (proper). Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Cosplayers:Nameless and MOYO!

Himiko from Toga My Hero Academia. Cosplayer:: Hato

From Motoko Kusanagi Ghost within the Shell. SAC_2045. Cosplayer:: Osaka no Yosei Shizuku

Hit Dragon Ball Tremendous:. Cosplayer:: you

Rei (left) and Asuka (proper). Gospel. Cosplayers:: Mizuze Eno and: Haruka


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