The Iconic Pairs From Pop Culture Who Gave Us Major Friendship Goals

One of the perfect days of summer across the US, June 8 marks the National Best Friends Day in the country. It was created by the country’s group of legislatures back in 1935 as they wished to dedicate a day to some of the true friends that each of us cherish. Over the years, pop culture has given us many iconic friendships that we remember. These groups of friends, although fictional, set some real friendship goals that have inspired real friends. Here’s some of the most iconic ones.

Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ronald Weasley

This trio of JK Rowling’s magical creations have been with some of us since we were children. They have fought dark magic, and have sneaked out of Hogwarts to have some fun, just like any group of friends who live in a boarding school. The three of them accept each other for their flaws and make up for whatever the other person is lacking. A perfect example of childhood friends who stay together even after they grow up.

Janis and Damien (Mean Girls)

When the group of haughty school girls in this 2004 classic high school drama were telling each other to wear pink on Wednesdays, Janis and Damien were busy living their life without any facade to maintain. Janis and Damien’s real friendship amidst Regina George and Cady Heron’s fight for the popularity quotient, shows how two people can support each other when everyone else is out there to bully you. This duo set goals for standing up for your friends.

Arabella Essiuedu and Terry Pratchard (I May Destroy You)

In this 2020 HBO miniseries, viewers got the chance to see one of the most real portrayals of friendship. Arabella (played by BAFTA winner Michaela Coel) and Terry played by (Weruche Opia) are two artists and childhood friends. When Arabella reports how she was sexually assaulted, Terry is the first person she confides in. Terry also supports her when she goes to the police station to report her case. Several such incidents show how the duo are the goals when it comes to friendships among women.

Goose and Maverick (Top Gun)

Setting friendship goals since 1986, this duo of fighter jet pilots show what trusting your friend actually means. Maverick may have the vigour and sometimes over the top confidence but Goose always came in to balance off his energy with humility and reality check.

Andy and Red (The Shawshank Redemption)

Creating a special bond while in prison, this duo shows how friendship can be about small gestures and a few wise words. Their friendship motivated each other to find their freedom, even though it was through escaping prison.

Cher and Dionne (Clueless)

One of the classic high school friendships, Cher and Dionne make sure that they discuss their outfits with equal importance as their schoolwork.

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