10 year old girl wrote a letter to the Supreme Court thanking the people for their help in the epidemic, CJI replied

New Delhi: Chief Justice NV Ramana was so impressed by a girl’s interest in the news that he sent her a book of the Constitution bearing his signature. This girl, who hails from Kerala, wrote a letter thanking the Supreme Court for intervening during Corona and being helpful in saving people’s lives. The girl also made a picture of the judge beating Corona with her hammer. The Chief Justice has also written a counter letter to the girl along with the book. He also wished him all the best for his bright future.

Lidwina Joseph, a Class 5 student from Thrissur, Kerala, sent her hand-written letter to the Chief Justice. Lidwina, 10, studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya, wrote that she was very concerned about the deaths due to Corona across the country and especially in Delhi. News related to this was being seen continuously in the newspaper. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court intervened in the matter and gave many orders in the interest of the people. The court passed effective orders to improve the supply of oxygen. Even this saved many lives. The death rate decreased.

proud of the judges

Lidwina wrote that she was proud of the judges after reading the news of the situation improving after the court’s intervention. She would like to thank the Supreme Court for expressing her happiness. Along with this letter, he also sent a picture made by his hand. In this, the judges of the Supreme Court are seen killing the corona virus with a hammer. In response to this, Chief Justice NV Ramana has sent a copy of the constitution bearing his signature to the girl. The Chief Justice has also written a letter to the girl.

10 year old girl wrote a letter to the Supreme Court thanking the people for their help in the epidemic, CJI replied

reply written by letter

In this letter he has said, ‘Dear Lidwina, I have received a beautiful letter from you. Along with this, a heart-touching picture was also found. In which you have shown a judge working. I was impressed that you take so much interest in the happenings in the country. Also, you are concerned about the interests of the people during the pandemic. I am sure that you will grow up to be an aware, knowledgeable and responsible citizen. You will definitely play your part in nation building. Best wishes and blessings for your success.’

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