PM Modi Speech Highlights: Announcement of PM Modi, only the central government will provide free vaccine to all the countrymen. 10 big things

PM Modi Speech: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a big announcement today regarding corona vaccination. Addressing the nation, he said that from Monday, June 21, in every state of the country, for all citizens above the age of 18, the Government of India will provide free vaccines to the states.

1. PM Modi said that in the midst of decreasing corona cases in the country, different suggestions started coming in front of the central government, different demands started being made. It was asked, why is the Government of India deciding everything? Why are the state governments not being given exemption? Why are the state governments not getting the relaxation of lockdown? Things like One Size Does Not Fit All were also said.

2. The PM said that starting from January 16 this year till the end of April, India’s vaccination program was mainly carried out under the supervision of the central government. The country was moving ahead on the path of providing free vaccine to all. The citizens of the country, following the discipline, were getting the vaccine when it was their turn. Meanwhile, several state governments again said that the vaccine work should be de-centralized and left to the states. Various voices rose. Like why age groups were created for vaccination? On the other hand, someone said that why should the central government decide the age limit? Some voices have also arisen that why are the elderly being vaccinated earlier? Various pressures were also created, a section of the country’s media also ran it in the form of a campaign.

3. The PM said that from Monday, June 21, in every state of the country, for all citizens above the age of 18 years, the Government of India will provide free vaccine to the states. The Government of India itself will buy 75 percent of the total vaccine production from vaccine manufacturers and give it free to the state governments. Today it has been decided that the Government of India will also bear the responsibility of 25 percent of the work related to vaccination with the states. This arrangement will be implemented in the coming 2 weeks. In these two weeks, the central and state governments together will make necessary preparations according to the new guidelines.

4. Modi said that no state government of the country will have to spend anything on the vaccine. Till now crores of people of the country have got free vaccine. Now people of 18 years of age will also join it. Only the Government of India will provide free vaccine to all the countrymen.

5. PM Modi said that 25 percent of the vaccine being made in the country, private sector hospitals can take it directly, this system will continue. Private hospitals will be able to charge a maximum service charge of Rs 150 for a single dose after the fixed price of the vaccine. The task of monitoring it will remain with the state governments.

6. PM Modi said that those who are creating apprehension about the vaccine, spreading rumours, they are playing a big game with the lives of innocent brothers and sisters. One needs to be careful with such rumours.

7. He said that today the government has decided that the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana will now be carried forward till Diwali. In this time of pandemic, with every need of the poor, the government is standing as their partner. That is, by November, free food grains will be available in fixed quantity every month to more than 80 crore countrymen.

8. The PM said that this is the biggest epidemic in the last hundred years, it is a tragedy. The modern world had neither seen nor experienced such an epidemic. Our country has fought together on many fronts with such a big global epidemic. PM Modi said that during the second wave in the months of April and May, the demand for medical oxygen in India had increased unimaginably. Never in the history of India has the need for medical oxygen been felt in such quantity. To meet this need, work was done on a war footing. All the machinery of government engaged.

9. PM Modi said that compared to the demand for vaccines all over the world today, the countries producing the vaccine and the companies making the vaccine are very less. Imagine that if we did not have a vaccine made in India right now, what would have happened in a huge country like India today? If you look at the history of the last 50-60 years, you will know that it used to take decades for India to get the vaccine from abroad. Even when the vaccine work was completed abroad, the work of vaccination could not start in our country. In 2014, when the countrymen gave us the opportunity to serve, the coverage of vaccination in India was only around 60 percent. In our view this was a matter of concern. According to the speed at which India’s vaccination was going, it would have taken about 40 years for the country to achieve the target of 100% vaccination coverage. We started Mission Indradhanush to solve this problem.

10. PM Modi said that more than 23 crore vaccine doses have been given in the country. Due to the continuous efforts and hard work that the country has been doing for a long time, the supply of vaccine is going to increase even more in the coming days. Today 7 companies in the country are producing different types of vaccines. Trial of three more vaccines is also going on in the advanced stage. To increase the availability of the vaccine, the purchase of vaccines from foreign companies has been expedited. Vaccine trials are also going on for children. Trial is also going on on the nasal vaccine. If the country gets success, then it will speed up vaccination. Making a vaccine in such a short time is a great achievement for the entire humanity. But it has its limits.

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