Child sex ratio in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand worst in the country, 840 girl child born per 1000 boys in 2021

There is a steady decline in the child sex ratio in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. For this reason, Uttarakhand has become the state with the worst sex ratio in the country. A few days back, NITI Aayog released the Sustainable Development Goals data, which revealed that Uttarakhand has one of the worst child sex ratios in the country and continues to decline every year in the state. According to the information, the third National Family Health Survey conducted from 2005 to 2006 showed that the sex ratio of Uttarakhand at birth was 912 females per 1000 male births, which was lower than the national average at that time. At the same time, after a decade, in 2015-16, the sex ratio at birth in Uttarakhand fell to 888 according to NHFS 4. During that time the ratio fell to 850 in 2018 and then to 841 the next year, according to SDG surveys. At the same time, this time in the year 2021, this ratio is 840, due to which Uttarakhand has become the state with the worst sex ratio.

Punjab of sex ratio In happen improvement

According to the information, there are many such states of the country where the sex ratio was low earlier but now they have improved. The sex ratio at birth in Punjab and Haryana during 2005 to 2006 was 734 and 762, but with improvement in 2015-16, it increased to 860 and 836. While the situation in Punjab has improved in 2021, its sex ratio at birth is now 890. While Haryana’s has come down to 843.

Kerala made from all good State

Kerala is turning out to be the best performing state according to the current SDG survey, with 957 female births per 1,000 males in 2021, which is better than the ideal rate of 950. At the same time, health experts have described the decreasing number of Uttarakhand as a matter of concern.

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